Salt Village French Patisserie

  Salt Village, Bells Boulevard, Kingscliff NSW
  Direct line to Patisserie - 02 6674 1356


Our patisserie is a place of comfort and simple pleasures.

  1. Should you be feeling unwell in any form, we ask that you do not enter the patisserie, for the sake of other patrons and the wider community.  Please phone the shop and we may be able to organise a no-contact delivery to you.
  2. Please observe the social distancing requirements.  Our patisserie has seating capacity set out for the 4sqm rule.  Please try and observe the 1.5m spacing as much as possible.
  3. Should be enter the store or dine in, please sanitise your hands upon entry.
  4. Laminated menus are cleaned between each table's use.
  5. Our staff will use disposable gloves or tongs when handling food.  Neither staff nor customers may physically touch the food barehanded.
  6. If dining in, you must register on the QR Code provided.
  7. We regret that our usual self-serve water is unable to be provided during these restrictions, however we are able to serve to your table.

Trading Hours

Monday to Saturday 6.30am to 4pm

Sunday 6.30am to 2pm

Holiday Season Hours

Sunday 3rd January 6am to 3pm (10% surcharge applies)


02 6674 1356 - Direct to Patisserie

0417 703 218 - Craige Gravestein (Owner)


Please fill in the form for any enquiries.