The Toowong French Patisserie opened in June 1984. Online French Patisserie opened in 2006. Salt Village French Patisserie opened in July 2017.

The French Patisserie supplies Brisbane and now the northern rivers region with authentic French style pastry products. This business has been owned by the Gravestein family since 1998.  Justin Gravestein trained here from age 15 with the original three French brothers who opened the patisserie.  Today Chef Anthony Steele heads our patisserie’s kitchens while Craige  Gravestein continues the family business. The Toowong patisserie has become a part of Brisbane folklore, even having been included in award winning author Nick Earls’ 1997 novel, Zigzag Street. We are serving next generation customers who come with tales of eating here or ordering their croquembouches decades ago with parents and grandparents.

Salt Village French Patisserie was a ‘while on holiday in Kingscliff’ thought bubble that gathered momentum waiting in a coffee queue. The Kingscliff kitchen there is managed by our French Pastrychef, Eddy Pinchart and Laia Duch manages the shop. We are delighted that Salt Village French Patisserie has become a favourite French pastry fix for the northern NSW community.  We look forward to celebrating with our local customers our fourth birthday come Bastille Day 2021.


Our signature pastries that customers rave about and seek out are:

  • Croissant (plain, pain au chocolat and pain au raisin)
  • Custard and almond croissant
  • Ham and Neufchatel cheese croissant, served warm
  • Cheese strudel
  • Egg Benedict brioche* and Salmon Florentine brioche*
  • Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame and Croque Champignon
  • Lamaron* (lamington inspired macaron)
  • Chocolate mud gateau and the Chocolate fudge gateau (gluten free)
  • Croquembouche

*Created by and unique to our patisseries.